DIY Gravity Based Water Filtration System

Still no time to be making things as I would like, but I came across the Berkey water filter last night from a friend’s posting of this youtube video:

I’ve been concerned about fluoride for some time. Last Christmas season I bought an inexpensive counter-top water filter which hooks up to the tap in our kitchen and is able to remove fluoride from the city water. We’ve actually been really happy with it and the water tastes fantastic.

Looking into the Berkey design, it seems that as long as you can get the containers for the water and the ceramic filters, you can easily construct one yourself. Why bother? Well, the lack of pressure requirement is a plus in case of failure of the city’s water supply and you can filter rain water. The ceramic filters come in various grades and last a long time with some occasional maintenance. They do not remove fluoride without a secondary filter, however.

While I have not yet built one of these, I think it is well worth considering. I will likely build one in the future.

Here are some links for reference:

Instructions for a DIY Bucket Filter

Instructable – Cheap and Effective Water Purification System

(neither of the above use the secondary fluoride filter, but they would be attached to the threaded ends of the ceramic filters and hang within the lower chamber)


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